Your company’s flagship store is a massively important component of your brand. As the flagship is a popularized component of your company’s strategy, it needs to be the most impressive and well thought through. Showcasing your brand can be a difficult thing: how do you design the store to best show off your product or service? What style of décor should you opt for? How best to draw attention to what your company stands for? With the help of our company,  answering these questions won’t be difficult. WALLZCORP understands that your company’s brand statement should be accentuated by the building it is in, and not the other way around. We raise brand awareness at a personal level by offering meticulous and completely personalized design process for your vision.

Your flagship should similarly be the most flexible location in your chain of locations. In addition to making a strong brand statement, your location may be used to display your brand, test the market, assess your audience and act as a venue for product releases and other public activities. Show off your merchandise in a large location which is inspirational and beautiful to your customer. This statement will wow your customers, and your location will cater to your full audience by offering exclusive and indulgent merchandise and customer service.

Our process

Our design process allows you to define your vision and come to a conclusion to your individual company needs. What kind of aesthetic defines your company? From modern interior design to classic, traditionally rustic designs, your flagship location will serve as a tourist destination for customers looking to experience the direct flavour of your company. Your unique destination should allow for room for a memorable shopping experience that generates publicity for your brand.


Let WALLZCORP generate this publicity for you. Your flagship is a future in retail, and is an essential part of your company’s brand strategy, offering commercial and publicity advantages which will generate profit for your company and allow your company to enter a global market with ease.

Our company specializes in the design and creation of company flagships, retail locations, office buildings, residential and commercial buildings and more. Our process allows our customers to maintain their unique vision and create a highly specialized and individual building design. In this way you can fully showcase your company and brand within the global or local market, offering customers an exclusive look at your brand and merchandise, and a unique shopping experience.


Wallzcorp can help you with:

  • Building Design: Our team of design specialists works closely with customers to create highly customized structures that offer more than a location for your office or retail spot. Instead, we craft gorgeous exteriors which offer functionality and mesmerizing architecture.
  • Interior Design: We can help you outfit your flagship or other locations with interior décor which really brings out the best in your company. We also offer interior and exterior design revisions and upgrades. Revise and revitalize your flagship, storefront or office location and take advantage of our amassed expertise in the design field.
  • Construction Services: Our company understands that the most difficult portion of the design and building process is working with the contracting team to create your vision. For this reason, we offer a unique design and building process which allows us to work hand in hand with customers at every step of the way. Our process allows us to provide you with accurate and up to date information about your project throughout, right until completion.


Our vision

WALLZCORP is a company that takes pride in our quality workforce. We recognize the diversity of our company, and aim to bring together our vision of customer service with the art of design and building. Working together with our customers, we offer a highly-personalized process and effective design and building solutions for every project. We aim to guarantee complete customer satisfaction with every aspect of our work by bringing together a wealth of experience, excellent drive and continuous advances in the way we work.

For a free consultation please contact us at: (416) 640-2411 or at: For more information about our company, vision or services please visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!