Wood structures are a staple of the Canadian home, but is wood construction suitable for larger buildings? Recent changes to Canadian building codes will soon allow for multi-residential and office buildings, as well as stores and retail centres to be built using wood frames. As wood is less expensive, and easier to use in construction than concrete or steel, it’s quickly becoming a unique and creative alternative to commonly accepted building practices for larger construction projects.

Eco-friendlier building

The environmental benefits are not without significance as well. Each wooden framed building offers an eco-friendlier building alternative through the use of renewable resources. Each wooden framed structure creates far less greenhouse emissions than similar concrete or steel buildings, and actually store carbon dioxide. With quicker completion times, beautiful design possibilities and safe implementation due to recent advances in fire safety, wood framed structure projects are popping up in major cities around the world.

WALLZCORP undertakes exactly such projects. Our company specializes in unique building solutions, whether residential or commercial. With the sudden rise in wood-frame, we have developed a series of specialized building practices that allow us to help customers create safe and hazard proof structure through the use of non-combustible materials as well as combustion-resistant roofing. By using large pieces of wood glued together for strength and stability, we are able to build taller and more stable buildings than ever before.

Advantages of wooden framed structures

While some may have safety concerns, in reality, Canadian homes have long been built using wood frames. With combustion proof materials, proper smoke alarm installation and sprinkler systems, wooden framed structures are as safe as their concrete and steel counterparts. As all buildings have exceedingly stringent fire safety code revisions to follow, there is no increase in the risk associated with this particular method of building.

In fact, the benefits greatly outweigh any potential risks. Wooden framed structures hold clear advantages at price for companies looking to invest in environmentally friendly buildings. As the new building codes now allow buildings up to six stories to be built of wood, companies and retail centres can take advantage of the lower building cost. Homeowners too can build larger, and better. Because wood structures are pre-assembled, they do not have to be installed in particular weather conditions, allowing for more flexibility and diversity of style and form. Working within your particular vision, WALLZCORP constructs both residential and commercial buildings. From flagship stores to multi-leveled office buildings, and furnished custom homes, our company works with customers to plan, budget, develop and build their unique visions. Take a look at our gallery for a closer idea of what our company can offer you.


Our company

Our company takes pride in our teams and workforce. We recognize how different we are from other companies, and aim to bring together our unique design and building vision, our creative methods and our approach to customer service. Working together with our customers from the beginning of a project, we offer a highly-personalized process and effective design and building solutions for residential and commercial structures. We aim to guarantee complete customer satisfaction with every aspect of our work by bringing together a wealth of experience, excellent drive and continuous advances in the way we work. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how much we can offer you.

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