Proactive planning

Begin your office renovation with proactive planning. Your office is an important portion of your company, and is often what makes the first impression on your clients or customers. Smart planning of your office renovation can help you avoid the problems which often accompany any major renovation. The trick to getting it right the first time is avoiding confusion. Identify which portions of your office you want to renovate and revitalise, and opt for smart solutions to problems which you’ve encountered in the past. Maybe your workforce could use more legroom, or maybe your office lacks open meeting spaces which allow for easier planning and idea sharing. Before you begin, we suggest that you identify your goals and what you need from your new office.

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Include your factors and specifications. Address areas of concern which you want to change, such as the function of the space, new upgrades, enhance aesthetics or other ideas you may have. By being upfront with your goals you help your contractor plan the renovation from the beginning of the project.

Similarly, plan your budget before you contact companies such as WALLZCORP. Having a good definition of your project’s budget will allow designers to better accommodate your desired changes and expectations. Remember to plan realistically, and ensure that you plan for any eventualities that may occur such as design flaws or accommodations. Contingency planning is as an essential part of your renovation.

Establish your team

The next step is to put together an effective team which will help you accommodate your ideas, and allow for a clearer image of your overall plan. Establish your team early on, and ensure that you find the perfect architectural and interior design team for your job. Your team should have a strong foundation in both forms of design, and a dedication to the art that is constructing gorgeous office exteriors and interiors. Remember to validate the skillset of your company and look for the best service instead of the best price. Contractors with valuable insight into your individual project needs will result in a better end construction and a more suitable project than others offering less. Allow your company to draw from the extensive field and preliminary experience, and ask for specifics on scheduling, budget and project history to ensure a good fit. The goal of your company working with any other company is to form a cohesive and team-oriented relationship which will allow both parties to communicate wholly before construction ever begins.

Designed to attract

WALLZCORP offers office interior and exterior revitalization for real estate, medical, restaurants and other businesses. We can help you to create a polished, elegant interior in a variety of looks and creative designs including modern, contemporary, traditional and rustic elements. We will help you to match your businesses brand statement to the perfect exterior and interior design. Our design specialists and architects can help you to recreate, or create a location that draws the attention of customers and allows your company to showcase your brand and offer an upgraded and excellent spot for your employees to work. Whether the look you are going for is casual or modern, we can create a beautiful interior or exterior according to your personal specifications and needs. Our company understands that the most difficult portion of the design and building process is working with the contracting team to create your vision. For this reason, we offer a unique design and building process which allows us to work hand in hand with customers at every step of the way. Our process provides you with accurate and up to date information about your project throughout, up until the completion of your project. For more information about how we work, please visit our process page.


About our company

We are a company that takes pride in quality. Offering diversity and excellent service, we aim to bring together our vision of customer service with the art of design and building. Working together with our customers, we offer a highly-personalized process and effective design and building solutions for every project. Aiming to provide customers with complete satisfaction, we bring together a wealth of experience, excellent drive and continuous advances in the technology we use and the way we work.

For a free consultation please contact us at: (416) 640-2411 or at: For more information about our company, vision or services please visit our website. We always look forward to hearing from you, and answering any questions you may have!

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