Your rental properties have a lot of income potential, but managing them takes up valuable time that you might not have. At WALLZCORP we employ a team of passionate property management professionals with years of experience in not only maintaining, but also potentially increasing the income of your properties. Our team is the best in the industry in both the residential and commercial sectors. We are fully-integrated and dedicated to single-point accountability, meaning you will always have a direct line of communication to the people that you are trusting with your properties.

3900 Yonge project

Realizing True Potential



Investment properties are incredibly valuable investments, often capable of generating substantial rental income from tenants. One of the biggest issues with the value of the investment, however, is untapped value preventing you from unlocking its true potential. Our team specializes in preventative property management as well as ongoing responses to issues as they arise. Your property will be running in top condition, potentially converting your existing property into one of your most profitable investments.

Professionally Networked

WALLZCORP sits at the nexus of a large network of professional maintenance and repair trades workers. We are well established and well known, bringing the best of the best to work on your project. Our team has a solution for any issue that can occur at any point during the life cycle of your property, and you will be amazed at our fast response rate. We bring those same skills that let us forge powerful bonds with our trades workers to our client: outstanding communication, an emphasis on strong business relationships and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on turning our clients’ properties into veritable gold mines in their investment portfolios.


Solutions for Every Problem



Our position at the heart of a professional property management network means we can react to any upcoming problems with record speed. Plumbing, flooring, painting, tiling, wiring, doors, finish carpentry, ceilings; no aspect of your property will be left unattended, and no part of your project will remain unfinished. We understand your need for efficient, effective changes to your existing problems and an ongoing commitment to quality, and that’s exactly what WALLZCORP brings to the table. You can rely on our expert team of professionals to plan intelligently and effectively, allowing you to increase your capital and rental income from your property. Contact us for your free 30-minute consultation with one of our expert Project Managers today.